DW Stadium

On the 7th of November, the trio trecked to the wonderful Wigan. Having said that, it was a bit cold. All wrapped up and on route to the ground, the Sisterhood were ready for a pie from the Pie Eating Capital.

On arrival to the DW Stadium, the sisterhood came across a problem, the ticket office was shut. After a five minutes of confusion and a bit of a flap, the three came across a steward that escorted them from the outside all the way to their seats.

So, the main attraction, PIES. KT went for her classic fav Chicken Balti, Anya went for good old meat and potato and Jess had a steak pie. With pies and drinks in hands, the trio went to their seats.

‘What was the verdict?’ we hear you cry. Well, Anya said her pie was ‘well dry cause the lid of the pie came off’ and it was ‘practically a potato pie’. Hmmm, not impressed it seems. Well KT said her pie was ‘alright’ and ‘nothing special but edible’. Finally, Jess said hers was ‘just like pastry with gravy in it’.

In the words of the the chuckle brothers, ‘Oh dear, Oh dear’

Wigan Athletic lost to Accrington Stanley 4-0.

Pie Rating: 2/5

Port Vale v Grimsby

7th October 2017 Port Vale saw Grimsby Town make their way to Vale Park Stadium.

Port Vale took the lead within 40 minutes, but the Mariners brought it back and travelled home with an impressive 2-1 win, putting them place 13 in the league two table.

An acquaintance of the Sisterhood cruised her way to Stoke-on-Trent to take one for the team and see what the pies were like in a place known for Pottery Museums and Art Galleries.

Meredith, our very own Manchester United ticket office member, tried Port Vale’s meat and potato pie. It has been said by our, soon to be, semi-professional pie connoisseur that the pie made by Wrights had dry pastry and a peppery filling.

Further comments were that the pie lid came clean off when Meredith tried to remove it from the packaging and the meat was mushy, but the potato was chunky. Not a very appetising mixture.

The Southern, born and bread rated the pie 3/5. Who will be next to take a journey cross country to eat pies in places no one wants to go.

Everton v Burnley

Last Sundays late lunch fixture a Everton allowed the baller belated birthday girl Jess to watch her favey team Burnley in her first away fixture of the season.

With last season’s diabolical away form well in the past, the recently turned half decent Burnley squad offered a significant threat to Ronald Koeman’s struggling side – what a tasty fixture.

The fixture was of course not the only appetizing article on offer… with neutral sister Katie in attendance for one thing and one thing only… a pie ;;;;)))

Upon arrival the standard trip to the food counter was undertaken, this time a steak pie chosen (no chicken balti boo hoo).


Though high hopes were had for Wrights ‘premium’ pie, both Jess and Katie were left rather disappointed and quite frankly mugged off by what must’ve been a misprint. This pie deserved no premium title. It’s chewy, fatty steak pieces left sister Katie unsettled with scarring memories of sister Anya’s chewy steak stew being relived. EW

May i just point out this is actually a high accolade for Everton… never did I ever think that such rubberyness could be duplicated, let alone surpassed…

Despite the meat being comparable to chewing on a shoe, both the sauce and pastry lived up to expectations, providing a glimmer of hope for Wrights pies. Just sort out ur meat lad

Anyways, Jeff Hendrick’s goal ensured that the 35 mile trip home was not spent consoling die hard fan Jess.

A top day overall

Pie Rating 2/5

Blackpool v Oxford United

Blackpool’s undefeated run was extended to seven games following their home fixture win against Oxford United.

Sisters Jessica and Katie travelled up to Blackpool on the 16th of September to watch some seaside football and have a pie. Check out what they got up to:

Pie Rating: 1/5

Rochdale v Gillingham

Saturday 23rd September saw Sisters, Katie and Anya make their way, on what seemed like a very long tram journey to Rochdale.

Once arriving and spending £16 on an Under 21’s main stand ticket, they made their way into the Crown Oil Stadium.

A few sweeps of the stadium were made before finding the pie stand, a small area in the back of the main stand. Katie got a Chicken Batli pie and Anya got a Peppered Steak Pie.

To our disappointment the pies were not up to scratch, leaving both feeling ‘icky’. The pastry was soggy, and that wasn’t just the bottom. Katie reviewed the Chicken Balti pie as disgusting and Anya decided the Peppered Steak pie was just indescribable, the meat was too chewy and it was very dry.

On the other hand, Rochdale performed very well with two goals in the first half leading Dale on their way to a comfortable 3-0 victory.

The sisters made their way back to the flat feeling stodgy and tired. Until next time.


Michael Ingham

This year, the sisterhood have been ultra lucky to get in touch with different sporting athletes. This week, we were able to speak to Michael Ingham, a pie connoisseur in the making. But before we reveal the answer to that fav question of ours, a bit about Michael.

The Preston born goalkeeper made his big break in his Football career when he signed for Sunderland he has also played for other clubs such as Stoke City and York City. He currently plays for Tadcaster Albion were he started his appearances in 2016.

Anyway, onto the main event, what is Michaels favourite pie, well the answer is ……………………………

Game Pie!

Oooooo a very interesting answer. We wonder which type of game is his favourite, we should have been prepared with more questions! But sister Jess hopes its not anything too weird like ostrich meat!

A masssive thank you to Michael for answering the all important Q

Bryan Hughes

At the sisterhood, we have been lucky enough to find out many different types of sporting athletes favourite pie. This week, we got in touch with Bryan Hughes to find out the ultimate question. But first, lets talk about the man himself.

Bryan last played for Scarborugh Athletic in 2015, however back in the day he played in the Premier League with Birmingham City, Charlton Athletic and Hull City. A fun fact about Bryan is that he was the first player to score a goal in the new Millennium, the Sisterhood give Bryan a 5/5 for impressiveness skills on that one!

Now you know about Bryan we all know what you want to know, what is his favourite pie? Well the answer is………………………..

Steak and Kidney!

Not a bad choice bryan, not a bad choice. Steak in any pie is always a recipe for goodness however we ain’t too sure on the kidney. I mean kidney is alright but, well, ya know.

Biiiiiiiiig thank you to Bryan for answering the most important question on earth!


Huddersfield Town

On the 20th of August, sister Jess was lucky enough to see Huddersfield Town play there first home Premier League match of the season against Newcastle United.

Before the match she followed the ritual set by pie lovers and football fans of getting her match day pie. Recently, Huddersfield Town have changed pie partners from Holland’s to Jones Pies. So sister Jess was ready for some good old Huddersfield pie making grub.

She went for the classic that everyone loves (but not the veggie’s lol soz), the humble Steak and Ale pie. But how well did Jones Pies perform and was the pie up good enough to score top marks?

Well, sister Jess said it had ‘loads of filling which was faaaaabulous as pies that are filled have nothing to hide’ and that the pastry ‘didn’t have a soggy bottom but was cooked to the right crispynesss!’. Which gives Jones a big fat 5!

Also, sister Jess was very impressed that she has handed a sturdy plastic fork and a napkin to use with the pie. Sometimes pie eating at matches is a tricky task, however this made the experience of pie eating top notch.

Huddersfield Town beat Newcastle 1-0 keeping them 2nd place in the Premier League table.

Pie Rating 5/5

MK Dons v Swansea

Sister Katie was in attendance to watch Premier League team Swansea City come from a goal down to beat MK Dons, seeing them comfortably through to the third round in the EFL Cup.

Although Ryan Seager gave the home fans something to cheer about, his heroics lasted all of 2 minutes as Swansea upped the pressure and Fer scored a quick equaliser. Another goal from Fer, as well as successful strikes from Chelsea loanee Tammy Abraham and Jordan Ayew, helped see off the game in admirable style for the visitors.

Team performance was not the only thing under scrutiny, however. Of course, the visit to Stadium MK resulted in one thing – a cheeky pie tasting.

With no balti’s on offer, Katie opted for second best, a Steak and Ale. Her dad’s choice? Chicken, Gammon and Leek.

The quality of previously rated, Piglets Pantry’s pies was again to be applauded. A solid pastry, complemented with the right amount of filling ensured no worry of overspill, enabling them both to devour the pies in rapid time.

Overall a very decent trip!

Pie Rating 4.8/5


Leeds United

First of all, a big congrats to the pie tasters Jocelyn and Tom on becoming Mr and Mrs! The sisterhood wish all the best to you both x

On the 9th of August our newest pie tasters Jocelyn and Tom, went to Elland Road to watch Leeds United battle against Port Vale in the start of the Championship Football League.

Tom, being a masssssive Leeds United fan, knew that for him to have the best experience of the match, he needed to have his pie in half time as a treat! Jocelyn decided to go for Peppered Steak whilst Tom went for sister KTs fav, Chicken Balti. But how did they get on?


Tom gave his Chicken Balti pie a big fat 5 because “it had loads of filling and wasn’t too spicy” and Jocelyn gave her peppered steak a 4 out of 5. Which makes Leeds United a 4.5 on the pie scale!

The match ended 4-1 to United much to Toms delight!

Many Thanks to Tom and Jocelyn on the pie tasting. Also well done to Jocelyn for going to a Football match 😉

Rating: 4.5/5