Wrexham AFC

The 140 mile drive from Barrow to Wrexham was made by a friend of the Sisterhood; across the Welsh boarder and into a foreign territory to witness a 3-3 draw.

Unfortunately, Wrexham were denied a New Year victory as Barrow equalised in the fifth minute of injury time. Both managers were sent off in an altercation of the touch-line, moments before Barrow got the leveller.

A Barrow AFC apprentice was an under cover pie eating connoisseur for the sisters, who are now lead to believe that the Welsh make a good football pie.

Scoring a incredible 4.2/5 of the pie’o’meter, Wrexham’s steak pie is in the running for the top spot. Described as perfectly browned, and ridges consistently brown. There was a slight design on the lid with a few lines and holes and there was no soggy bottom!


Lookers Vauxhall Stadium

On Tuesday 24th October 2017, the mighty Bluebirds travelled to the Lookers Vauxhall Stadium home of Chester FC. Amongst the Barrow supporters was a fellow friend of one of the sisters, there to watch her side but also to try a pie.

The game started positive as Barrow’s very own Byron Harrison and Adi Yussuf saw the bluebirds take the lead, however throughout the second half Chester added pressure to the Barrow defence and finished on a 3-2 win and 3 points.

Besides the disappointing result, the Chester Pie was reviewed as quite nice and scored 3.6/5.

Maybe the sisters themselves will go to have a second opinion but until then its good bye for now.

*The anonymous pie blogger apologies as they forgot to take a picture of the pie*


Paul Fletcher

All three sisters were lucky enough to meet former Blackpool and Burnley striker Paul Fletcher during an event held at the Etihad Stadium.

Paul started his career aged 16 when he joined hometown club Bolton Wanderers. Just three years later he became one of the countries most expensive transfers when he signed for Burnley for a club record fee. Making 293 appearances, with a total of 71 goals for Burnley, he was also selected for the Under 23 International team – but a knee injury saw him into early retirement at 32.

But…. What is his favourite pie?

We can reveal Paul Fletcher’s favourite pie is in fact… Cheese and Onion!

Sorry Paul, we’re incredibly disappointed with your favoured pie –  we place you alongside current Burnley player James Tarkowski on the boring scale.

Thanks very much to Paul for taking the time to speak to us

Read our exclusive with James here

Burnley FC & Exclusive with James Tarkowski

Scunthorpe United

The 25th of November saw Scunthorpe United play Charlton Athletic, it also saw a new pie eater to the Sisterhood community. Josh, a huge Scunthorpe fan, was generous enough to try a pie on behalf of the Sisterhood.

Entering the stadium, Josh followed ritual of buying a pie. His choice? A Chicken Balti pie made by pie manufacturers Pukka Pies.

Josh said that the chicken was ‘brilliantly cooked’ and the pastry was ‘perfect’. He also said that it was a 4/5.

Wow a 4 at Scunthorpe? That’s what we thought too, however his reasoning behind it was ‘Even though they sell chicken balti pukka pies at plenty of grounds in England, none are quite as tasty as one from Glanford Park’.

Scunthorpe gained a 2-0 win putting them third in the table with 38 points. Thanks to Josh for doing us a brill pie review.

Pie Rating:4/5

Gateshead International Stadium

Barrow fans made their way east on Tuesday 21st November to watch Gateshead take on Barrow AFC in the pouring rain and in a stadium with zero atmosphere.

Barrow took the lead after 34 minutes with Byron Harrison slotting the ball past the keeper. However, Gateshead came back minutes before half time making it 1-1. As the second half commenced Barrow made it 1-2 with a strike from the one and only Harry Panayiotou resulting in another 3 points for Barrow.

According to our inside sources the pies weren’t very nice and tasted about as good as they looked.

Georgia had a minced beef pie and rated it a whopping 1.5/5! Ghosh, it must have been bad.

Think it is safe to safe that Gateshead pies are down their at the bottom of the pie’o’meter.


The sisterhood has been lucky enough to have another pie eating volunteer. This time it saw Bantam mad Tim follow his team to Shrewsbury. Lets see what he had to say:
‘Playing the team at the top of the league away from home definitely required a pre-match pie, to calm the nerves.
My pie of choice was a straightforward Cornish Pasty, which proved to be a wise choice. The pastry was light and the filling was a delightful combination of minced meat, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables chopped too fine to identify. The whole creation was perfectly spiced with salt and pepper. The only drawback was the first bite into the pastry released a flow of molten hot filling, which burned the roof of my mouth. Will I never learn to be more patient?
Overall, a very satisfying pastry snack, which I credit with bringing a huge slice of luck to Bradford, as we won one nil with a very lucky own goal! All in all, an excellent day out!’
Thank you to Tim for doing another pie blog for us!
Rating: 4/5

DW Stadium

On the 7th of November, the trio trecked to the wonderful Wigan. Having said that, it was a bit cold. All wrapped up and on route to the ground, the Sisterhood were ready for a pie from the Pie Eating Capital.

On arrival to the DW Stadium, the sisterhood came across a problem, the ticket office was shut. After a five minutes of confusion and a bit of a flap, the three came across a steward that escorted them from the outside all the way to their seats.

So, the main attraction, PIES. KT went for her classic fav Chicken Balti, Anya went for good old meat and potato and Jess had a steak pie. With pies and drinks in hands, the trio went to their seats.

‘What was the verdict?’ we hear you cry. Well, Anya said her pie was ‘well dry cause the lid of the pie came off’ and it was ‘practically a potato pie’. Hmmm, not impressed it seems. Well KT said her pie was ‘alright’ and ‘nothing special but edible’. Finally, Jess said hers was ‘just like pastry with gravy in it’.

In the words of the the chuckle brothers, ‘Oh dear, Oh dear’

Wigan Athletic lost to Accrington Stanley 4-0.

Pie Rating: 2/5

Port Vale v Grimsby

7th October 2017 Port Vale saw Grimsby Town make their way to Vale Park Stadium.

Port Vale took the lead within 40 minutes, but the Mariners brought it back and travelled home with an impressive 2-1 win, putting them place 13 in the league two table.

An acquaintance of the Sisterhood cruised her way to Stoke-on-Trent to take one for the team and see what the pies were like in a place known for Pottery Museums and Art Galleries.

Meredith, our very own Manchester United ticket office member, tried Port Vale’s meat and potato pie. It has been said by our, soon to be, semi-professional pie connoisseur that the pie made by Wrights had dry pastry and a peppery filling.

Further comments were that the pie lid came clean off when Meredith tried to remove it from the packaging and the meat was mushy, but the potato was chunky. Not a very appetising mixture.

The Southern, born and bread rated the pie 3/5. Who will be next to take a journey cross country to eat pies in places no one wants to go.

Everton v Burnley

Last Sundays late lunch fixture a Everton allowed the baller belated birthday girl Jess to watch her favey team Burnley in her first away fixture of the season.

With last season’s diabolical away form well in the past, the recently turned half decent Burnley squad offered a significant threat to Ronald Koeman’s struggling side – what a tasty fixture.

The fixture was of course not the only appetizing article on offer… with neutral sister Katie in attendance for one thing and one thing only… a pie ;;;;)))

Upon arrival the standard trip to the food counter was undertaken, this time a steak pie chosen (no chicken balti boo hoo).


Though high hopes were had for Wrights ‘premium’ pie, both Jess and Katie were left rather disappointed and quite frankly mugged off by what must’ve been a misprint. This pie deserved no premium title. It’s chewy, fatty steak pieces left sister Katie unsettled with scarring memories of sister Anya’s chewy steak stew being relived. EW

May i just point out this is actually a high accolade for Everton… never did I ever think that such rubberyness could be duplicated, let alone surpassed…

Despite the meat being comparable to chewing on a shoe, both the sauce and pastry lived up to expectations, providing a glimmer of hope for Wrights pies. Just sort out ur meat lad

Anyways, Jeff Hendrick’s goal ensured that the 35 mile trip home was not spent consoling die hard fan Jess.

A top day overall

Pie Rating 2/5

Blackpool v Oxford United

Blackpool’s undefeated run was extended to seven games following their home fixture win against Oxford United.

Sisters Jessica and Katie travelled up to Blackpool on the 16th of September to watch some seaside football and have a pie. Check out what they got up to:

Pie Rating: 1/5