Premiership Rugby Sevens

As has been the case on our multiple visits to Rugby stadia, last weekend’s trip to Northampton Saints ended in the same disappointment – no pies.

Singha’s Rugby Sevens gave Sister Katie a perfect opportunity to visit Franklin’s Gardens on the search for said pie, as well as sample the various talents of all 12 Aviva Premiership Clubs.

A great atmosphere made by both home and travelling fans added to what was an exciting decisive day in the competition where cup, plate and bowl prizes were up for grabs.

Unfortunately, the enjoyable rugby was not met by the same standard of pies. Despite the vast array of catering options available, she was unable to find the much-loved pastry filled treat and so settled for a cheeseburger.

Although a tasty backup, incomparable to what could have been…

Check out the link below to watch a few clips from her day at Franklin’s Gardens

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Featherstone Rovers v Halifax

The Thursday night Challange Cup fixture saw sisters Jess and Katie travel down to Featherstone to watch their match against Halifax.

Although the visitors were the first on the scoresheet, a solid performance – backed by an admirable home crowd turnout, allowed Featherstone back into the match. They went in with a 13-6 lead at half time – contributing to their 24-12 victory.

Upon arrival at The LD Nutrition Stadium, it was clear that both pie stands were in fact closed, and so a burger and chip made suffice. Whilst we love a dirty cheeseburger, having a no pie option was still very disappointing.

Perhaps Rugby League is the wrong place to be looking in our search for the best pie, as both fixtures attended by the Sisterhood have resulted in misery…

Congratulations to Featherstone for reaching their first Challenge Cup quarter-finals in 20 years. Good luck for next round.

Jessica and Katie vlogged their matchday experience, of which you can watch below…  

Barrow Raiders Update

The Sisterhood’s representative was hastily despatched to Craven Park on 18th March 2017, after Barrow Raiders said that the cheese and onion pies were their favourite.
On yet another wet and windswept evening I set off to the Challenge Cup Rugby League game between rivals Barrow Raiders and Keighley  Cougars; was it to watch the game or was it to try the pies again?
I arrived with great anticipation of a Barrow win and also of tasting a great pie.
As the wind howled and the rain fell, I queued at the food kiosk. Meat and Potato, Steak, Chicken and Ham, Cheese and Onion. Which one did I choose?
Having tasted the meat and potato at a previous Barrow Raiders game and being told that the Cheese and Onion pie was the club’s twitter favourite. I already had my decision made, but how could you have a Cheese and Onion pie with gravy? It didn’t sound right so, pie and chips at a very reasonable price of £2.90 it was.
Taking his place under the covered terraces, watching other supporters tucking into their “tea”, I began to look at the food in front of him.
My plastic fork was soon at work, taking the top off the pie to reveal the filling, which looked alright, smelt alright and tasted alright, but it wasnt meat…and that was what the problem was.
I decided I could not deduct marks from the taste, the filling, the colour or the composition, but I gave it a 3/5 as it wouldn’t have been a personal choice of mine..but to help out the sisters I had to go!
All in all, once again, a good day for sport at the end of the 30+ mile culture de sac known as Barrow in Furness with Barrow Raiders through to the 5th Round of the Challenge cup. They went in at half time 6-0 up and managed to extend the score to 20-0 after a superb performance in the 2nd half. Unfortunately only around 700 fans made the trip to Cravan Park to support the boys, but a wet and windy saturday evening stood at Craven Park just doesn’t do it for some when Ant and Dec and are on the Television, in the warmth.
Will there be a next time for the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pies to visit Cumbria. I bet there will.
Will it be to try pies at a sporting venue, or will they try the shops, or the lakeland pubs ?
Hopefully the holiday seasons will soon be upon us and maybe, just maybe the Sisterhood will come to “The Lakes” to try them out.
 Who knows perhaps we can get more bloggers?
 But until next time …….

Barrow AFC and Barrow Raiders

What a day for sport it was on Saturday 4th March for all fellow Barrovians.
As Great British Pie week is on it’s way a family member from one of the Sisterhood of the Travelling pies was asked to report on the weekends sporting fixtures at the end of the renowned 37 mile cul de sac, also known as birthplace for the cooking sensation Dave Myers (Hairy Biker).
No problem said Chris, he was hired and off he went.
With a 3pm Kick Off, football was the first sport on the list. At Holker Street (also known as FBS Stadium) was BarrowAFC  v Sutton United.  As you will all be aware, famous for the televised #piegate incident vs Arsenal – the local crowd certainly didn’t forget here.
The game was a pretty boring affair for the crowd of 1,145 (including 45 from Sutton) who came to watch. There were very few shots on target, quite a few bookings and a lot of slipping and sliding.  A bit like the Steven Gerrard incident in the Liverpool v Chelsea game a couple of seasons ago) or was it Bambi on ice. All this due to the persistent rain earlier in the week and overnight. In some instances it could be likened to a series of dancing on ice.
Moussa Diarra (Barrows number 6) was awarded  man of the match.
The only positive from the game was that Barrow had most of the few shots there were and managed to keep a clean sheet.
Oh and Sutton had a player sent off for a second yellow card caution on 87 mins. Perhaps he wasn’t aware that  there were No Pies and wouldn’t need to be first in any queue.

So moving on to his second game of the day off Chris made it to the 6.30 pm Kick Off at the BarrowRaiders vs York Knights rugby league game, hungry and in need of sustenance.

Rugby, a game played by men with odd shaped balls.. and where you have to score a goal by kicking it over the bar.  Maybe that’s what I’d been watching earlier as there was certainly no need for a goalkeeper in the earlier game of football.
Having arrived directly from the football, Chris decided that a pie would hit the spot and be the order of the day.
Off he went in search and it was very easy to find the deal of the day..£3.50  (fantastic!!)

Overall it was a great tasting meat and potato pie with carrots (not too hot, not too cold, not too salty or peppery). The chips were good too and it  didn’t take long for the plastic tray to be cleaned up. Don’t think Chris had eaten anything since breakfast.

A wet and windy night at Craven Park (or as it is now known The JFHornby Stadium  produced little in the way of fast-flowing rugby, as had been witnessed by the Sisterhood earlier in the week at Castleford Tigers.
The Raiders did what was required to ensure they overcame a youthful York team which had been hastily-assembled ahead of the 2017 campaign getting under way.  Half time was 20 points to 0 in favour of the home side.  The second half was like the football match of earlier in the day with the points tally being 0-0 until 7 mins from the end when the home team ran in a couple of tries, giving a final score of Barrow 28 York 0. A disappointing crowd of just over 700 to witness it.
Getting back to the pie Chris would award it as 4/5.  “Don’t know who made it but it was very tasty”.
All in all a great day out from watching both local teams one with round balls and one with an odd shaped balls.
Wonder where the Sisterhood will send Chris next  ?

Castleford Tigers v Leeds Rhinos

In celebration of National Pie Week commencing the 6th of March, the Sisterhood took the opportunity to celebrate through paying a visit to varying sports clubs – putting their cuisine to the test.

Thursday night saw Jess and Katie, along with the return of associate Emma, travel down to Castleford for the blog’s first review of Rugby League.

Bitter temperature left the visiting fans with no other option than to buy pre-match pie, rather than wait a gruelling 40 minutes til half time.

Upon arrival at the food van they were greeted by the suffering sight of a food board with no pies …… NO PIES!!! Having travelled the 50 miles, there was no option of returning to Manchester so, instead the grieving three chose a hot dog, burger and chicken nug nugs.

As the match commenced, it took very little time to realise Castleford Tigers were going to dominate- upsetting lifelong Leeds fan Jess.

A quite tragic result for the Rhinos saw them lose 66-10, not a great start to the new season.

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