Manchester Storm vs Cardiff Red Devils

As part of the British Pie Week, here at the sisterhood we decided to go to lots of different sporting events. Friday night saw the sisterhood storm down to Manchester storm.

It was a first time for all as none of the sisterhood have ever been to an Ice Hockey match! Being eager beavers, the sisterhood set off early to get their tickets, find their seats and grab a pie.

Wen jumpingĀ into the queue, we found that they sold lots of different foods to suit any needs! From burgers to porridge they had it all! Katie decided on getting a cheese burger, Charlie decided on a sausage roll whereas Jess went for the mighty Steak and Kidney Pukka Pie.

By the look on Charlie and Katie face (which you can catch on PieTube šŸ˜‰ ) the burger and sausage roll was naffff! However, the Pukka Pie Jess had was ‘alf decent. It had a bit of a soggy bottom and Jess struggled to eat it due to not having any knifes, forks or even a napkin.

The end score of the match saw Storm lose to Cardiff Red Devils 4-2.

Check out the Vlog on PieTube

Pie Rating: 3.2/5