Richard Bennett

Being in the football industry the sisters get involved with a number of players, some well known ones like Jamie Carragher and other not so well known, but still growing in their careers.

Richard ‘Richie’ Bennett is a former Barrow AFC player and has continued his footballing profession with League Two club Carlisle United in the 2017/18 season.

Looking back at Bennett’s  footballing career, it all began at Ashton United where Richie blossomed and soon moved on,  to Northwich Victoria, before further progressing to Barrow and now Carlisle.

After keeping an eye on Carlisle’s fixtures it seems that the number 14 forward has made a successful start to the season  with 15 appearances and 3 goals (including FA Cup games).

Of course there was a reason why the Sisterhood approached Richard and yes it was to ask the all important question ‘What is your favourite pie?’

The response received was ‘meat and potato pie all the way’…

We have to all agree that it’s not a bad choice of pie, the original, beloved and typical Northern Choice – definitely one the Sisterhood would reach for.

The Sisterhood would like to thank Richie and wish him all the luck in the world for the future.

Paul Fletcher

All three sisters were lucky enough to meet former Blackpool and Burnley striker Paul Fletcher during an event held at the Etihad Stadium.

Paul started his career aged 16 when he joined hometown club Bolton Wanderers. Just three years later he became one of the countries most expensive transfers when he signed for Burnley for a club record fee. Making 293 appearances, with a total of 71 goals for Burnley, he was also selected for the Under 23 International team – but a knee injury saw him into early retirement at 32.

But…. What is his favourite pie?

We can reveal Paul Fletcher’s favourite pie is in fact… Cheese and Onion!

Sorry Paul, we’re incredibly disappointed with your favoured pie –  we place you alongside current Burnley player James Tarkowski on the boring scale.

Thanks very much to Paul for taking the time to speak to us

Read our exclusive with James here

Burnley FC & Exclusive with James Tarkowski

Jordan Williams

One of our sisters, Anya has been fortunate enough to work with Jordan Williams, a midfielder for Rochdale, signing a two year deal with them from Barrow AFC in June 2017.

The sisterhood have been in touch with the 24 year old, who scored 17 goals for the National League club last season, with 63 appearances with the team, including being part of the Barrow AFC side that lost to Rochdale in the 3rd round of the FA cup.

Of course we asked the all important pie question but first a bit about Jordan himself. Williams has risen through the ranks of non-league football after starting his career at Burscough, before moving to Northwich Victoria and successfully continuing up the divisions into league one football.

His talents were spotted by Barrow manager Paul Cox, who signed Jordan for the Holker Street outfit in January 2016. Williams was also involved in the England C team during his time with Barrow AFC.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now back to the crucial question. The sisterhood can reveal Jordans favourite pie is a Dawsons Meat and Potato pie, a pie the sisters may now have to try too!

Well from all the sisters, Thank You for the pie review, Good Luck in the future and keep enjoying Dawsons Pies Jordan!

Michael Ingham

This year, the sisterhood have been ultra lucky to get in touch with different sporting athletes. This week, we were able to speak to Michael Ingham, a pie connoisseur in the making. But before we reveal the answer to that fav question of ours, a bit about Michael.

The Preston born goalkeeper made his big break in his Football career when he signed for Sunderland he has also played for other clubs such as Stoke City and York City. He currently plays for Tadcaster Albion were he started his appearances in 2016.

Anyway, onto the main event, what is Michaels favourite pie, well the answer is ……………………………

Game Pie!

Oooooo a very interesting answer. We wonder which type of game is his favourite, we should have been prepared with more questions! But sister Jess hopes its not anything too weird like ostrich meat!

A masssive thank you to Michael for answering the all important Q

Andy Milne

Here at the Sisterhood, we are lucky enough to know and meet fantastic athletes, one of them being ‘Angelic Andy’. Andy currently plays for Tadcaster Albion as a defender, but he hasn’t always played there.

Andy started his career at Leeds United, from there he played for Darlington, Barrow, Gainsborough Trinity, Altrincham, Halifax, Ossett and Scarborough.

When sister Jess asked the important question, he said ‘That’s a toughy’. But after much consideration the answer was……..

Steak and Ale Pie!

Andy is clearly a secret pie connoisseur, such a good choice from the yorkie lad. All sisters bow down to your pie choice, we are very impressed with you Andy!

BIG Thanks to Andy for putting our minds at rest about his favvy pie

Exclusive – Andy Booth

Recently, sister Jess has been working at Huddersfield Town as an intern and with this, has had the privilege of meeting Andy Booth. Before we reveal the important answer to the very important question, but first a lil bit about Andy.

Andy (also known as ‘Boothy’ to most of West Yorkshire), spent most of his career at his home town club of Huddersfield playing there in two spells (1992-96 and 2001-09). In his senior career he also played at Sheffield Wednesday (1996-01) and was on loan to Tottenham Hotspurs for a year (2001).

Now, onto the most important question Andy’s ever had to answer. ‘What is your fav pie?’ The answer is……………..


For an ‘uddersfield lad, thats not a bad choice! Everyone loves a bit of chicken (unless you are veggie.. soz) and mushroom is always an added bonus. Good choice Boothy!

A big thank you to Andy for allowing us to write a blog on him and his beloved pie!

Exclusive – Jo Ellis

Over the time span of the Sisterhood being created, we have been lucky enough to try many pies but also meet great sporting athletes. Sister Jess has been lucky enough to meet Jo (Joanne) Ellis – hockey superstar and find out the ultimate Question. Firstly though, a bit about Jo.

Jo was born and brought up in mighty Leeds where she developed her love for field hockey. She has competed in many competitions such as the European Championship held in Manchester in 2007 and the Champions Challenge in Baku 2007. However, nothing will compare to when Jo represented Great Britain in the 2008 Bejing Olympics where they ended 6th place. Pretty impressive for a Guiseley lass!

Back to the main event, what is Jo’s favourite pie? Well we can reveal……


Sisters Jess and Katie aren’t so sure on this one, they do enjoy a chicken pie within a white sauce, however leak? Really? Let’s all be honest here who does actually like leak, we only thought people ate it to try be a bit healthy.

A maaaaassssive thank you to Jo for letting us write about her and pies!




Exclusive – Jamie Carragher

Here at the Sisterhood, we are lucky enough to have guest speakers come from all over the country to talk to us. Today the Sisterhood were fortunate to meet Jamie Carragher!

We asked him the all important question (which we will get to) but first, a bit about the player himself.

Jamie was a defender for Premier League giants Liverpool FC making 580 appearances for the club in 17 years. He was a ‘one-club’ man and proud to play for the Merseyside team as he himself was a Merseyside boy. Not only did he play for Liverpool, he also played in the Englands under 20’s, England under 21’s and played for the first team for England. He now works for Sky Sports as a TV pundit on the Football and is considered a Football Expert.

Anyway, enough about Jamie, we know you want to know the saucy information; What is Jamie Carragher’s favorite pie? ……………


For a Liverpudlian that is a brilliant taste in Pie! When asking him the question, he did look a bit confused, however, who can resist a cheeky pie question?

Many thanks to Jamie Carragher for answering the question and allowing us to post this online!

Burnley FC & Exclusive with James Tarkowski

On the 17th January Sister Jess was lucky enough to attend Burnley vs Sunderland in the replay of the 3rd round of the FA Cup.

In tradition of attending a football match, it only felt right to buy none other than a Burnley pie. Pies at Burnley are made by an external company named Holland’s. If you have never had a Holland’s pie the, urm, what are you doing with your life? Holland’s to most (such as Sister Jess) are pie making God’s.

So the purchase of the pie (meat and potato pie) was made. Both Sister Jess and her mum (Karen) shared the pie. From this they deciphered that the filling was just right and the pastry was the right consistency.

Within the four stands Sister Jess has contacts that went to go and try the pies in order to gain more feedback. However, the volunteers found out that all stands had sold out of pies by half time! What a disaster to all pie lovers!

After the match, Sister Jess was lucky to meet man of the match James Tarkowski and asked the favoured question; what is his favourite pie? Well after being confused that a fan has asked him this he finally replied ‘Cheese and Onion’. Cheese and Onion? You had the same thought as us? Bit boring right.


Well done to Burnley for a brill win. Thank you to all pie volunteers at Burnley and James for answering the important question.

Rating 4/5

What is a Ghost’s favourite dessert? Boo-Berry Pie

(Sorry for being a mug and not taking a picture of the pie lol)

Clarke Pielisle

Jessica Mitchell

We at the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pies are lucky enough to have Clarke Carlisle as a guest speaker at our university. We have been in contact with him and asked him the all important question. However first a bit about Clarke

Clarke started his Football career by playing for Blackpool Town in the youth team, from here he joined the first team to start his senior career in Football. From Blackpool, he played for many other teams including Queens Park Rangers, Leeds United, Watford FC,York City and Northampton Town. However the most memorable club he played for was Burnley FC. He made over 131 apperances for Burnley Football club and even helped them gain promotion into the Premier League in 2009.

Anyway, back to the question you’ve all been waiting for, what is Clarke Carlisle’s favourite pie? Well the answer is……. (drum roll pleaseeeee)….

Image result for butter pie


Have you had the same thought as us? What is Butter pie? At first Katie and Anya were confused too. But once researching into its an old Lancashire traditional pie made of onions and potatoes. At first we all thought that sounded a bit rank cause there’s no meat in it but being from Preston, Clarke has probably had to grow up on them.

A big Thank you to Clarke for giving us the content to write about!

What do you get if you cross a snake and a pie? A pie – thon