British Pie Awards 2018

Following last years insightful experience at the British Pie Awards, the sisterhood were delighted to be invited back to judge again at this years event.

How does it work?

Pie judgement is split into six categories – totalling 100 points. Appearance, Bake, Pastry Thickness, Pastry Taste and Texture, Amount of Filling, and Filling Taste and Texture are tested, with point being deducted for… The top three pies are given… as well as scored over 70 being categorised as a bronze, silver or gold standard of pie.

This year we judged Chicken and Vegetable, Steak and Ale and Lamb. Find out how we got on by watching the video below

Stagger Inn, Stainton

A work colleague of Sister Anya visited the Stagger Inn in Stainton, Cumbria. Phil Robinson of Dalton-In-Furness, two time reject from Britian’s Got Talent, who also likes to be known as Phillipa, has written a small blog for us pie connoisseurs.

“I write not as sister but as fellow friend, I have a sorry tale to share with the sisters…

Whilst dinning out at the Stagger Inn, I chose a mouth quenching chicken and leek pie ….





This is when the wheels came off ….

This pie was served with the crust on the bottom with all ingredients piled on top of it …. I know its like a scene from some crazy pie slashing movie – but I kid you not.

Now lets just say soggy bottom … and I don’t mean the old farmer stood at the bar with dubious stains. Nope it was a trade description meltdown of some magnitude.

Now I’m not expecting the sisterhood to descend and start hiding the patio chairs – oh no as the pub is a favorite …. but please that meal should never be titled PIE …”

Looking into Phil’s pie-tastrophe it sounds like my fellow pyjama-dressing friend Phillipa didn’t have a pleasant pie. I wonder whether he will try another one!


The Bake Shed

Now that the football season is over, one of the sisters, who lives at the end of a very long col-de-sac has decided what better way to spend her summer than by trying out pies from shops throughout the Lake District.

Both of the local sporting teams have already been reviewed, so here we go!! Using the knowledge gained at the British Pie Awards back in March 2017 and looking at the Colour, Consistency, Capacity, Chewiness, Cost and Condition.

Today the bakery I tried was The Bake Shed, having been told by local people they were one of the best in the town. I thought it was a perfect place to start!

The selection of pies at The Bake Shed was vast, with many choices. They are produced by Higginsons Bakery of Grange, titled legendary, high quality pies.

Now for the bit you have all been waiting for, the review of what I would say was a lovely pie.

Colour – The colour of the meat and potato pie was a rich caramel, golden brown throughout, with a nice glossy coat over the lid. The crusts of the pie were a consistent golden colour, with no additional darker/lighter areas.

Consistency – This category refers to the texture of the liquids of the content. The Bake Shed’s meat and potato pie, was perfect. The potato was soft with a velvety texture, and it simply disappeared with no effort. The meat was minced into small bits, making it easy to eat, even for those with false teeth.

Capacity – The ratio of air:filling was obviously more filling to air. The meat and potato was evenly distributed with very little gab between the filling and the pastry surrounding it. The ratio of crust:filling, again there was more filling. Sometimes pies can have to much pastry, that then takes away from major part of the pie, here there was the perfect amount of both pastry and filling.


Chewiness – This category refers directly to meat pies, and how chewy the meat is. As already mentioned, the meat was minced into small pieces, and melted in your mouth.

Cost – Usually there is a negative correlation between the expense and score of a pie. The more expensive, the higher the quality; the case with many products, from clothes to food. The Bake Shed’s meat and potato pie cost £2.05, however the other pies available varied in price. Personally, I feel that this is a reasonable price for the standard of pie, however this is something I will compare throughout my pie shop reviews.

Condition – I bought 6 meat and potato pies, I promise they were not all for myself! All 6 were near enough identical, none of them were burnt or had any boil outs, all a consistent rich caramel brown colour, with the odd crack showing the filling inside. The pies were cooked completely through, with base and sides the same thickness and colour with NO SOGGY BOTTOM!

The people I bought the pies for agree with me, that the pies were of an exceptionally high standard and they would buy them again, and maybe try a different filling too!

Out of 5 – 4.7 (If I could grade out 10 it would definitely be 9)

Fellow Barrowvians, visitors, contractors and workers please use your lunch breaks wisely and try any pie from The Bake Shed and see what you think!

The Bake Shed
90 Roose Road,
LA13 9RH

British Pie Awards Announcement

Although here at the Sisterhood we are always celebrating the Great British Pie, with National Pie Week fast approaching we looked to unite with others in paying tribute to our favourite cuisine.

After joining forces with fellow blogger ‘Pie-Rate’ and entering their comp-pie-tition to judge at the British Pie Awards, we are pleased to announce that WE WILL BE THERE!

On the 8th March, the Sisterhood will be travelling down to Melton Mowbray to take our pie punditry to the next level.

We look forward not only tucking into the Country’s best pies, but meeting fellow connoisseurs that share our love for the filled pastry goodness.

Thanks again to ‘Pie-Rate’ – check out their blog here

Be sure to check back to our blog and Youtube channel as well as follow us on social media to find out how our trip goes!


When you eat a circular pie, are you a diam-eater?

Christmas Pie Exclusive

As the festive season is amongst us, here at the Sisterhood we decided to take a step back from match day pies and look at the one pie that matters the most at Christmas. And yes your predictions are right, the festive Mince Pie.

So this year all of the big name supermarkets and food manufacturers have been battling it out to sell the Best Mince Pies. And the winner of the Good Housekeeping award tried and tested Mince Pies is ……………….. Iceland!

Who would of guessed it hey? Iceland beating of all comers including Waitrose, Selfridges and Harrods in the race to this year’s best Mince Pies.

Sister Jess managed to get an exclusive chat with Ian Cummings of Iceland Head of Bakery


Ian comments that it is all in the “buttery pastry” and “the juicy mincemeat”. He also says texture is everything and that “you don’t want a soggy bottom”. Here at the Sisterhood we believe in this ethos and understand that the ratio of filling to the thickness of the pastry really matters.

When he is not busy picking up awards for his mince pies Ian’s favours the pork pie, coming from a family of pastry based manufacture he really knows his stuff!

Thank you to Ian and Iceland for giving us the content to write this article

Why did the pie cross the road? -He was meat an potato