Cartmel Races – Bank Holiday Weekend Meet

Sister Anya and her family headed for Cartmel Races on Saturday 26th August 2017, a small racecourse situated in South Cumbria.

A 10 o’clock start was required to get two cars packed with food, the dog, the chairs, the picnic blanket and of course all of us. Once we arrived at Cartmel, after a 40 minute car drive we made the decision to get on-course parking, the not-so posh side, but the part of Cartmel that had the most food kiosks and onsite fair rides.

From previous Cartmel meets I have never recalled it being so expensive, however turns out for 4 Adults, 2 children and of course baby Shadow it was a cost of £72 and this was before the search for some delicious tasting pies began, or even to mention the gabbling.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue and my stomach was rumbling. The wellies were on because no matter the weather you always have to wear wellies in a field, and off we all went on the search for the best pie.

We looked left, we looked right and we looked up and down and the only food on sale were burgers, sausages, fish and chips, and of course indian curry, but NO PIES!







Due to huge disappointment and it only being 11:30, we all went back to the car. With now all our bellies rumbling, not only just my own, we cracked out the picnic, ham, egg, beef, chicken or tuna sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, biscuits and mini PORK PIES. So even though Cartmel didn’t have pies, Momma Wood made sure she brought emergency ones just incase.

Tesco’s mini pork pies went down an absolute treat and we all lost our horse racing accumulators within either the first or second race. The parents, slightly better than the amateurs and the under agers.

All in all a fantastic day out in what will probably be the last of the summer sunshine for Cumbria.

York Race Course


On the 18th of May, the Sisterhood were lucky enough to have some new pie volunteers attend the race course at York and hunt for pies.

Newly qualified pie volunteers Ella and Shannon, were optimistic to find a great pie (especially with York being their territory!). Sat in the Course Enclosure for most of the day (family area/picnic area), they decided to head on over to the Grandstand and Paddock on their quest.

Around the Grandstand area were people from Ged Bell’s Family Butchers Pies selling pork pies to the public. For the pie, it cost £3.50 which may be questionable to some stingy pricing however the pie had come from a local butcher only five minutes down the road.

So, the verdict. Ella and Shannon both thought the pie was delicious and was ‘filled to the top with pork’. As well as this, the pastry was ‘not too crunchy but held the filling together well’.

We thank Ella and Shannon for testing the pie however Ella apologises for being a wolly and not taking a picture of the pie!

Rating 4.2/5