Headingley Cricket Ground

Sister Jess’ mum (Karen) was lucky enough to attend Day 4 of England v West Indies. The stage was set, the grass in perfect condition, the sun was out (which doesn’t usually happen in West Yorkshire) and Karen was sat in her seat with a larger to hand.

By 12 o’clock, Karen and co. knew they were hungry so they went on the quest many take at sporting events, they went looking for a pie to satisfy their hunger.

They searched high and low but they found that were no pies to be found. No pies? NO PIES?!?! Headingley what are you playing at? Pies are a basic human need, get it sorted out. ūüėČ

So in the end, Karen settled for a cheese burger and Karen’s friend Oz, had a double cheese and bacon burger

This put the two back £12.50 (£6 for a cheese burger an extra 50p for bacon), here at the sisterhood we think thats a lil pricy. We love a good burger, but not at that price #LowerPriceTastesNice

Anyway the overall rating for the two burgers was 4/5!

Many thanks to Karen and Oz for eating on our behalf

Rating: 4/5

Cumberland v Norfolk

Sunday morning dawned, wet. Shock. I live in the Lake District, why would I think we would get anything different. However, as the morning progressed the weather began to improve.

So, off I went to watch Cumberland v Norfolk, in competition, fighting for the Unicorns Trophy. Maybe rumours are true! Maybe Unicorns do exist…. well in Cumbria. The game was only a 50 overs per team, and was played¬†at Neatherfield Cricket Ground, Parkside Road, Kendal.

Some may think, why cricket, what possibly could be interesting about cricket? Why would you stand 22 yards away from somebody throwing a hard cricket ball at you? My thoughts exactly, but why not cricket, who was to know that in this case, they could possibly be one of the poorest pies we would ever try. Yes you heard me right, poor pies. However, of course open to opinion.

I don’t understand cricket, and have no interest in it what so ever, however what I do understand is whether you are a player on the field or just a spectator you are always subject to being hit by hard balls, flying at great speeds.

As lunchtime approached, it was time to find food, and what better food than a pie. Ordered from a menu, via a window and freshly cooked: 15 minutes later, I was waved over and taken into the club house where I received steak pie, with chips and peas, plated, with stainless steal cutlery. Not your average breakable wooden/plastic forks.

Just out of curiosity for those reading, the other meal options, that could also be ordered from the menu, via the window were: Gammon, burgers, fish, hotdogs and of course the steak pie, chips and peas for only £4. So for £5, I had a full blown meal, with a drink.

To the all important bit, not the score, because I didn’t understand that bit either (will be added at the end in small print once I figure it out) – What was the pie and its extras like?

  • Well presented
  • Looked to be a lot of meat, not much liquid in the pie
  • Chips looked crispy
  • Garden peas were green (had they been another colour I probably would most definitely be believing in Unicorns)
  • From the outside and from a non pie tasting expert (dad), apparently the pie looked “alright to me.”

……However, from the pie connoisseur, I have to admit, from the outside, it did look good. I punctured the pie with my cutlery, of which shockingly didn’t break (I’m used to plastic forks with pies) and I made the horrible discovery of a SOGGY BOTTOM! To make matters worse I took one of the huge chunks of meat, that took me ages to chew. I just thought to myself, thank goodness for the chips and peas, oh and the McDonalds I had before I went, otherwise I would have come away starving.

Personally, I think I would give this pie a 2.5 out of 5, I mean if I was malnourished, I wouldn’t say no, but through choice I would say there is better pies in the world. Nonetheless, Dad gave it 3 out of 5, you see apparently that extra 0.5 is crucial, he says “I licked the plate clean”, but I promise you, if you knew my dad you’d know that its not very often that that doesn’t happen anyway. All in all, nice trip to Kendal, still no idea how cricket works, and the score was …… ¬†(Yeah, I still don’t get it!)

Lots of love, Anya and Chris x

(Norfolk won by 47 runs)