Coventry City FC

The Sisterhood were lucky enough to have another League 2 pie review from one of their fav volunteers, Grimsby Mad Alex. This time he was in the West Midlands visiting Rioch Arena, home to Coventry City FC who welcomed Grimsby Town.

Let us get to the most important bit, the pies. Alex opted for a Steak Pie, a classic choice and a favorite for all meat lovers, the pie cost him £4. He commented on this saying ‘the price was steep’, we at the Sisterhood understand that this is a bit steep for a pie. Hopefully the pie lived up to the price….

Alex said that the steak pie had lovely meat in it (so far so good!) however the ‘pastry was dry’. Now this is a common problem, you don’t want to eat a pie and have a mouth as dry as the Sahara after do ya? Hopefully this is something that may change in the future at Coventry.

The final score saw the home side beat the Marieners 4-0. Thank you again to Alex for the pie review!

Pie Rating: 3.5/5


Recently we have been lucky enough to have pie volunteers making tracks to sporting stadiums across the UK. For this blog, our pie volunteer Chris traveled over three hours to watch his favorite team, York City, pay against Kidderminster Harriers FC.

On arrival, he did what any normal fan would do and bought a pie. For £5, Chris bought a Shepherds Pie due to the other pie choice being a Cheese and Onion pie. I know what you are thinking straight away, £5! That is an expensive pie, even if it is rather large looking.

Anyway, how did it taste? Well Chris said that it was ‘ a bit peppery’, something that you don’t want to see when you spend a fiver. However, the fork given to him looks very stable and it is good to see a different kind of pie at a Football stadium!

The final score saw the home side beat York City 2-1. So Chris went home a bit upset.

Pie Rating: 3/5

Stoke City v Manchester City

The Sisterhood had a pie volunteer take the trip to Stoke on a cold Monday evening to watch the loved Manchester City. Francesca Doran, Football Business and Media student at UCFB Etihad Campus wrote a lovely little blog for us to share…

‘Anyone that knows me, knows how seriously I take my chicken balti pies and at Stoke this past Monday I would give it a 4/5. Tasty and plentiful in filling however the pastry had herbs within it and on top which I wasn’t too big of a fan of but over all it was a very good pie! Plus a strong win from Manchester City to put us one step closer to the title just topped off the night!”

Scoring pretty high, Stokes Chicken Balti Pie is now in the running for one of the best sports pies in the UK. Sitting at an impressive 4/5 on the pie’o’meter..

The Sisterhood would like to say a massive thank-you to Francesca for checking out the pies for us!


Lincoln City

Welcome! Happy April all you pie lovers, this blog comes from newly League 2 promoted team Lincoln City, enjoy!

The Sisterhood were lucky enough to have pie connoisseur Alex back on the scene trying pies for us whilst following his beloved Grimsby Town. It was a big day for both sides as it was DERBY DAY. Yes, we know, Lincoln v Grimsby is hardly the biggest well known derby, however, Alex was excited so that is all that counts.

So Alex got his pie from a Sincil Bank Kiosk, for hiss three pounds and ten pence coin, he got a steak and gravy pie. Sounds like the perfect pie to the Sisterhood, but was it? Well, Alex said that it was ‘very hot which was good considering the weather’. Always a good start having a pie that isn’t clap cold! He went onto say that it was better than the pie he had at Grimsby.

At the end of 90mins and added time, the two Lincolnshire sides drew 1-1.

Pie Rating: 4/5

The Hull Pie Bakery

On Tuesday 13th March, we made our way to York to stay with the Mitchell family to get a good nights sleep, before the early get up and drive to Hull on Wednesday.

The next day we had a lovely morning in ‘The Hull Pie’ kitchen where all the magic happens. Hull pies achieved the Silver Award for their Gluten Free succulent Steak Pie, bronze for their Melanzane Parmigiana Pie and highly recommended for their Curried Chicken Pie.

Whilst at the Bakery we took part in creating the base of a pie, the filling and using a handheld machine to press the lid.

The process to make a pie seems very simple, however imagine doing 100’s of pies a day by hand with the same simple process for hours. To start, the bakers have to estimate the amount of pastry needed, use the clamp to spread the base, cook the filling, cut out lids and finish off by clamping a pastry lid onto the pie.

At the end of the session, we each chose a pie to take home and try. Succulent steak, chicken and leak and beef brisket. All three pies were scrumptious and very yummy alongside a portion of chips. The pies reached a 4.5 on the Pie’O’Meter.

Thank you to ‘The Hull Pie’ for letting us have a look around their bakery! The Sisterhood have many more trips planned, so until next time, keep calm and enjoy eating pies!

British Pie Awards 2018

Following last years insightful experience at the British Pie Awards, the sisterhood were delighted to be invited back to judge again at this years event.

How does it work?

Pie judgement is split into six categories – totalling 100 points. Appearance, Bake, Pastry Thickness, Pastry Taste and Texture, Amount of Filling, and Filling Taste and Texture are tested, with point being deducted for… The top three pies are given… as well as scored over 70 being categorised as a bronze, silver or gold standard of pie.

This year we judged Chicken and Vegetable, Steak and Ale and Lamb. Find out how we got on by watching the video below

Grimsby Town

On the 24th of February the Sisterhood were lucky enough to have a volunteer pie eater visit Blundell Park, home of Grimsby Town. Alex (our volunteer ) is a mad Grimsby Town fan, so he was more than welcome to sink his teeth into a pie at the Football match.

On arrival, Alex did what we all do at Sporting matches and went hunting for a pie to eat.







For his £3, he got himself a Steak pie made by Pukka Pie. He said that it was lovely and hot but pastry kept flaking off which made a mess; we at the Sisterhood understand this problem.

He also said ‘Filling itself was delicious and warmed me up as it was freezing. Pastry on the overhand was a disappointment, bit to crispy and hard for my liking’.

Grimsby Town lost 0-1 to Exeter meaning Grimsby haven’t won a match since December 13th.

Pie Rating: 3/5

Sheffield Wednesday








Pie Volunteer and  Sheffield Wednesday fan Jimmy headed down to the Hillsborough Stadium to watch his team play Aston Villa.

Despite Wednesday leading for parts of the game, promotion chasing Aston Villa came from behind twice to secure a win and all three points against Sheffield Wednesday – with the final score 2-4.

Lets hope the pie was better than the scoreline…

 Jimmy spent £3.50 on his Steak and Hendos pie to which he said  ‘Was really nice filling. Plenty of it was absolutely spot on. Only got a 4 because of the pastry on top. You needed a pic axe to get through it’.

Thank you to our newest Pie Volunteer Jimmy for eating on our behalf!

Pie Rating: 4/5

Shay Stadium

On the 22nd of February, Sister Jess and her mum Karen vlogged their experience at the Shay Stadium, Halifax. They watched Halifax Town play Hartlepool United.

Watch this video to see what they got up to:

Score 2-0

Pie Rating: 3.9/5

British Pie Awards Announcement 2018

British pie week 2018 is fast approaching and we have a big announcement to make.

Again, for the second year running we will be part of the judging process at Melton Mowbray, on March 7th 2018 as to which pie is the champion in Britain.

When we were approached and asked to judge again, it was a no brainer. Who could say no to a day eating lots of pie and not feeling guilty about it, ey?

As we looked back at last year, we felt it was definitely an experience that we would not forget in a hurry.

Being part of British Pie Week 2017 and uniting with others in a paying tribute to our favourite cuisine, is something that surely everyone dreams of?

And being there to witness Melton Mowbray Pork Pie as the supreme Champion and Shouler and Son (producers of Morecambe FC pies) be crowned Sports Pie winner is something you don’t think of doing when you come to university.

We are thoroughly grateful for the opportunities that have risen from our obsession with pies. We look forward to tucking into more of the countries best pies and meeting with our fellow pie friends.

*we promise to vlog it all again*

Lots of love The Sisterhood