Cartmel Races – Bank Holiday Weekend Meet

Sister Anya and her family headed for Cartmel Races on Saturday 26th August 2017, a small racecourse situated in South Cumbria.

A 10 o’clock start was required to get two cars packed with food, the dog, the chairs, the picnic blanket and of course all of us. Once we arrived at Cartmel, after a 40 minute car drive we made the decision to get on-course parking, the not-so posh side, but the part of Cartmel that had the most food kiosks and onsite fair rides.

From previous Cartmel meets I have never recalled it being so expensive, however turns out for 4 Adults, 2 children and of course baby Shadow it was a cost of £72 and this was before the search for some delicious tasting pies began, or even to mention the gabbling.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue and my stomach was rumbling. The wellies were on because no matter the weather you always have to wear wellies in a field, and off we all went on the search for the best pie.

We looked left, we looked right and we looked up and down and the only food on sale were burgers, sausages, fish and chips, and of course indian curry, but NO PIES!







Due to huge disappointment and it only being 11:30, we all went back to the car. With now all our bellies rumbling, not only just my own, we cracked out the picnic, ham, egg, beef, chicken or tuna sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, biscuits and mini PORK PIES. So even though Cartmel didn’t have pies, Momma Wood made sure she brought emergency ones just incase.

Tesco’s mini pork pies went down an absolute treat and we all lost our horse racing accumulators within either the first or second race. The parents, slightly better than the amateurs and the under agers.

All in all a fantastic day out in what will probably be the last of the summer sunshine for Cumbria.

Bryan Hughes

At the sisterhood, we have been lucky enough to find out many different types of sporting athletes favourite pie. This week, we got in touch with Bryan Hughes to find out the ultimate question. But first, lets talk about the man himself.

Bryan last played for Scarborugh Athletic in 2015, however back in the day he played in the Premier League with Birmingham City, Charlton Athletic and Hull City. A fun fact about Bryan is that he was the first player to score a goal in the new Millennium, the Sisterhood give Bryan a 5/5 for impressiveness skills on that one!

Now you know about Bryan we all know what you want to know, what is his favourite pie? Well the answer is………………………..

Steak and Kidney!

Not a bad choice bryan, not a bad choice. Steak in any pie is always a recipe for goodness however we ain’t too sure on the kidney. I mean kidney is alright but, well, ya know.

Biiiiiiiiig thank you to Bryan for answering the most important question on earth!


Headingley Cricket Ground

Sister Jess’ mum (Karen) was lucky enough to attend Day 4 of England v West Indies. The stage was set, the grass in perfect condition, the sun was out (which doesn’t usually happen in West Yorkshire) and Karen was sat in her seat with a larger to hand.

By 12 o’clock, Karen and co. knew they were hungry so they went on the quest many take at sporting events, they went looking for a pie to satisfy their hunger.

They searched high and low but they found that were no pies to be found. No pies? NO PIES?!?! Headingley what are you playing at? Pies are a basic human need, get it sorted out. 😉

So in the end, Karen settled for a cheese burger and Karen’s friend Oz, had a double cheese and bacon burger

This put the two back £12.50 (£6 for a cheese burger an extra 50p for bacon), here at the sisterhood we think thats a lil pricy. We love a good burger, but not at that price #LowerPriceTastesNice

Anyway the overall rating for the two burgers was 4/5!

Many thanks to Karen and Oz for eating on our behalf

Rating: 4/5

Huddersfield Town

On the 20th of August, sister Jess was lucky enough to see Huddersfield Town play there first home Premier League match of the season against Newcastle United.

Before the match she followed the ritual set by pie lovers and football fans of getting her match day pie. Recently, Huddersfield Town have changed pie partners from Holland’s to Jones Pies. So sister Jess was ready for some good old Huddersfield pie making grub.

She went for the classic that everyone loves (but not the veggie’s lol soz), the humble Steak and Ale pie. But how well did Jones Pies perform and was the pie up good enough to score top marks?

Well, sister Jess said it had ‘loads of filling which was faaaaabulous as pies that are filled have nothing to hide’ and that the pastry ‘didn’t have a soggy bottom but was cooked to the right crispynesss!’. Which gives Jones a big fat 5!

Also, sister Jess was very impressed that she has handed a sturdy plastic fork and a napkin to use with the pie. Sometimes pie eating at matches is a tricky task, however this made the experience of pie eating top notch.

Huddersfield Town beat Newcastle 1-0 keeping them 2nd place in the Premier League table.

Pie Rating 5/5

MK Dons v Swansea

Sister Katie was in attendance to watch Premier League team Swansea City come from a goal down to beat MK Dons, seeing them comfortably through to the third round in the EFL Cup.

Although Ryan Seager gave the home fans something to cheer about, his heroics lasted all of 2 minutes as Swansea upped the pressure and Fer scored a quick equaliser. Another goal from Fer, as well as successful strikes from Chelsea loanee Tammy Abraham and Jordan Ayew, helped see off the game in admirable style for the visitors.

Team performance was not the only thing under scrutiny, however. Of course, the visit to Stadium MK resulted in one thing – a cheeky pie tasting.

With no balti’s on offer, Katie opted for second best, a Steak and Ale. Her dad’s choice? Chicken, Gammon and Leek.

The quality of previously rated, Piglets Pantry’s pies was again to be applauded. A solid pastry, complemented with the right amount of filling ensured no worry of overspill, enabling them both to devour the pies in rapid time.

Overall a very decent trip!

Pie Rating 4.8/5


Andy Milne

Here at the Sisterhood, we are lucky enough to know and meet fantastic athletes, one of them being ‘Angelic Andy’. Andy currently plays for Tadcaster Albion as a defender, but he hasn’t always played there.

Andy started his career at Leeds United, from there he played for Darlington, Barrow, Gainsborough Trinity, Altrincham, Halifax, Ossett and Scarborough.

When sister Jess asked the important question, he said ‘That’s a toughy’. But after much consideration the answer was……..

Steak and Ale Pie!

Andy is clearly a secret pie connoisseur, such a good choice from the yorkie lad. All sisters bow down to your pie choice, we are very impressed with you Andy!

BIG Thanks to Andy for putting our minds at rest about his favvy pie

Exclusive – Andy Booth

Recently, sister Jess has been working at Huddersfield Town as an intern and with this, has had the privilege of meeting Andy Booth. Before we reveal the important answer to the very important question, but first a lil bit about Andy.

Andy (also known as ‘Boothy’ to most of West Yorkshire), spent most of his career at his home town club of Huddersfield playing there in two spells (1992-96 and 2001-09). In his senior career he also played at Sheffield Wednesday (1996-01) and was on loan to Tottenham Hotspurs for a year (2001).

Now, onto the most important question Andy’s ever had to answer. ‘What is your fav pie?’ The answer is……………..


For an ‘uddersfield lad, thats not a bad choice! Everyone loves a bit of chicken (unless you are veggie.. soz) and mushroom is always an added bonus. Good choice Boothy!

A big thank you to Andy for allowing us to write a blog on him and his beloved pie!

Barnsley FC

On the 22nd of July, Huddersfield Town played their fourth pre-season friendly match away at the Oakwell Stadium home to Barnsley FC.

For this review, the Sisterhood were lucky to have another new pie eating volunteer. Jonathan, has followed Huddersfield Town since he can remember.  From this, he has been to many different Football Stadiums and had the chance to sink his teeth into many different pies.

On arrival he took the sensible option of getting in line for his pre-match pie. However, even though he arrived very early (because he was so excited of the match!) he ended up queuing for a pie for 15 minutes! Apparently there was only one lady working on the kiosk at the time. So that is deffos something that needs to be changed. Barnsley should know us Yorkshire folk love our pies, so more than a one member of staff is needed to a kiosk!

When he finally got to the counter, Jonathan chose the humble Meat and Potato pie. At Barnsley, they sell Pukka Pies, a classic Stadium pie brand. But what did Jonathan think to his pie?

Jonathan commented that it was “Surprisingly nice” and that he was “impressed” with the quality and taste of the pie.

The match ended 1-0 to the Terriers which is a great start to the season as they will be underdogs of the 17/18 Premier League season.

Thank you to Jonathan for doing the honours!

Rating 4/5

Brighouse Town

On Saturday, our newest pie eating volunteer Connah, went to watch Brighouse Town football club play at home against Worksop Town in a pre-season fixture. Brighouse are getting ready to play another season in the Evo-Stik League North Division.

On arrival, Connah set out to find his pie for the night. He found himself buying a £2 Steak and Kidney pie which he had ready for kick off. To decide on the rating of the pie, he rated the filling as a ‘4’ and the pastry as a ‘3’. Overall, this gave the rating of the pie 3.5.

The end result saw Brighouse town win 3-1 against Worksop which is a great start to the season for the club. We at the Sisterhood wish the club all the best for the season ahead.

Again, a big thanks to Connah for going and nibbling his way through a pie

Rating 3.5/5


York Race Course


On the 18th of May, the Sisterhood were lucky enough to have some new pie volunteers attend the race course at York and hunt for pies.

Newly qualified pie volunteers Ella and Shannon, were optimistic to find a great pie (especially with York being their territory!). Sat in the Course Enclosure for most of the day (family area/picnic area), they decided to head on over to the Grandstand and Paddock on their quest.

Around the Grandstand area were people from Ged Bell’s Family Butchers Pies selling pork pies to the public. For the pie, it cost £3.50 which may be questionable to some stingy pricing however the pie had come from a local butcher only five minutes down the road.

So, the verdict. Ella and Shannon both thought the pie was delicious and was ‘filled to the top with pork’. As well as this, the pastry was ‘not too crunchy but held the filling together well’.

We thank Ella and Shannon for testing the pie however Ella apologises for being a wolly and not taking a picture of the pie!

Rating 4.2/5