West Ham United

The menu options on offer at West Ham were surprisingly extensive, including hot dogs burgers and even popcorn, but trying to stick to the matter in hand I didn’t stray from the purchase of a pie. There was a choice of 3, but it was an easy choice as chicken should only be eaten at lunch time and vegetable should not be eaten at all. So, remaining carnivorous I opted for the steak.

Sure enough, at £3.70 it was by no means cheap. But I believe that is on a par with this sort of occasion and venue, despite the fact that I would struggle to drag the weight of the equivalent purchase in Greggs.

It was presented well enough in a sealed plastic wrapping with a tin foil base. It was plump and hot, which is a good start on a cold night. Digging in presented a suitably satisfying pastry crunch and a rather tasty filling, not bad at all. The only downside was a slight flaw in structural rigidity, necessitating a mid pie change of consumption strategy employing a fork.

So for the verdict. Not bad from our Southern cousins who are not normally noted for their pastry skills. It scored a solid 8 on the ‘shirt button strain-o-meter’ and a surprisingly modest 2 on the ‘Gaviscon-o-meter’.

Rating 3.75/5

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