Bryan Hughes

At the sisterhood, we have been lucky enough to find out many different types of sporting athletes favourite pie. This week, we got in touch with Bryan Hughes to find out the ultimate question. But first, lets talk about the man himself.

Bryan last played for Scarborugh Athletic in 2015, however back in the day he played in the Premier League with Birmingham City, Charlton Athletic and Hull City. A fun fact about Bryan is that he was the first player to score a goal in the new Millennium, the Sisterhood give Bryan a 5/5 for impressiveness skills on that one!

Now you know about Bryan we all know what you want to know, what is his favourite pie? Well the answer is………………………..

Steak and Kidney!

Not a bad choice bryan, not a bad choice. Steak in any pie is always a recipe for goodness however we ain’t too sure on the kidney. I mean kidney is alright but, well, ya know.

Biiiiiiiiig thank you to Bryan for answering the most important question on earth!


7 thoughts on “Bryan Hughes”

  1. I quite liked Hughes a gutsey midfielder but times moved forward and he got older so Charlton had to show him the door but always gave 100 per cent when I saw him play wouldn’t be to surprised if he did coaching next couple of years he has bags of experience which would be valuable to teach youngsters at any club

  2. I always had Bryan down as a chicken and mushroom man myself.

    Amazing what you find out you’re too sad to have a proper life.

    Top guy, naff pie.

  3. Thass wot I think. I really liked Hughesey e was one of the best players dahn our gaff. I still ave is photo but never got im to sign it. I like pies n all, chicken n mush at ome, steak n kidney away.

  4. I liked Hughesey n all e was always my favourite player dahn our gaff. I often ave chicken n mushroom n think of Bryan when I eat it n all.

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