Stagger Inn, Stainton

A work colleague of Sister Anya visited the Stagger Inn in Stainton, Cumbria. Phil Robinson of Dalton-In-Furness, two time reject from Britian’s Got Talent, who also likes to be known as Phillipa, has written a small blog for us pie connoisseurs.

“I write not as sister but as fellow friend, I have a sorry tale to share with the sisters…

Whilst dinning out at the Stagger Inn, I chose a mouth quenching chicken and leek pie ….





This is when the wheels came off ….

This pie was served with the crust on the bottom with all ingredients piled on top of it …. I know its like a scene from some crazy pie slashing movie – but I kid you not.

Now lets just say soggy bottom … and I don’t mean the old farmer stood at the bar with dubious stains. Nope it was a trade description meltdown of some magnitude.

Now I’m not expecting the sisterhood to descend and start hiding the patio chairs – oh no as the pub is a favorite …. but please that meal should never be titled PIE …”

Looking into Phil’s pie-tastrophe it sounds like my fellow pyjama-dressing friend Phillipa didn’t have a pleasant pie. I wonder whether he will try another one!


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