Huddersfield Town

On the 20th of August, sister Jess was lucky enough to see Huddersfield Town play there first home Premier League match of the season against Newcastle United.

Before the match she followed the ritual set by pie lovers and football fans of getting her match day pie. Recently, Huddersfield Town have changed pie partners from Holland’s to Jones Pies. So sister Jess was ready for some good old Huddersfield pie making grub.

She went for the classic that everyone loves (but not the veggie’s lol soz), the humble Steak and Ale pie. But how well did Jones Pies perform and was the pie up good enough to score top marks?

Well, sister Jess said it had ‘loads of filling which was faaaaabulous as pies that are filled have nothing to hide’ and that the pastry ‘didn’t have a soggy bottom but was cooked to the right crispynesss!’. Which gives Jones a big fat 5!

Also, sister Jess was very impressed that she has handed a sturdy plastic fork and a napkin to use with the pie. Sometimes pie eating at matches is a tricky task, however this made the experience of pie eating top notch.

Huddersfield Town beat Newcastle 1-0 keeping them 2nd place in the Premier League table.

Pie Rating 5/5

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