Headingley Cricket Ground

Sister Jess’ mum (Karen) was lucky enough to attend Day 4 of England v West Indies. The stage was set, the grass in perfect condition, the sun was out (which doesn’t usually happen in West Yorkshire) and Karen was sat in her seat with a larger to hand.

By 12 o’clock, Karen and co. knew they were hungry so they went on the quest many take at sporting events, they went looking for a pie to satisfy their hunger.

They searched high and low but they found that were no pies to be found. No pies? NO PIES?!?! Headingley what are you playing at? Pies are a basic human need, get it sorted out. 😉

So in the end, Karen settled for a cheese burger and Karen’s friend Oz, had a double cheese and bacon burger

This put the two back £12.50 (£6 for a cheese burger an extra 50p for bacon), here at the sisterhood we think thats a lil pricy. We love a good burger, but not at that price #LowerPriceTastesNice

Anyway the overall rating for the two burgers was 4/5!

Many thanks to Karen and Oz for eating on our behalf

Rating: 4/5

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