Wrexham AFC

The 140 mile drive from Barrow to Wrexham was made by a friend of the Sisterhood; across the Welsh boarder and into a foreign territory to witness a 3-3 draw.

Unfortunately, Wrexham were denied a New Year victory as Barrow equalised in the fifth minute of injury time. Both managers were sent off in an altercation of the touch-line, moments before Barrow got the leveller.

A Barrow AFC apprentice was an under cover pie eating connoisseur for the sisters, who are now lead to believe that the Welsh make a good football pie.

Scoring a incredible 4.2/5 of the pie’o’meter, Wrexham’s steak pie is in the running for the top spot. Described as perfectly browned, and ridges consistently brown. There was a slight design on the lid with a few lines and holes and there was no soggy bottom!


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