Richard Bennett

Being in the football industry the sisters get involved with a number of players, some well known ones like Jamie Carragher and other not so well known, but still growing in their careers.

Richard ‘Richie’ Bennett is a former Barrow AFC player and has continued his footballing profession with League Two club Carlisle United in the 2017/18 season.

Looking back at Bennett’s  footballing career, it all began at Ashton United where Richie blossomed and soon moved on,  to Northwich Victoria, before further progressing to Barrow and now Carlisle.

After keeping an eye on Carlisle’s fixtures it seems that the number 14 forward has made a successful start to the season  with 15 appearances and 3 goals (including FA Cup games).

Of course there was a reason why the Sisterhood approached Richard and yes it was to ask the all important question ‘What is your favourite pie?’

The response received was ‘meat and potato pie all the way’…

We have to all agree that it’s not a bad choice of pie, the original, beloved and typical Northern Choice – definitely one the Sisterhood would reach for.

The Sisterhood would like to thank Richie and wish him all the luck in the world for the future.

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